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The New Banking Experience, without changing banks.

Ergonomic design

Everything is done to get to the essentials, whether you want to pay, check your balance or regardless of how you want to spend your money, whether you have one or multiple Prepaid VISA cards.

Simplicity, instantaneity and security are combined to make the application, you use every day best on the market.

Innovative Features

APaym combines best of mobile payment and key features for managing your money

  • mVisa QR Paiment
  • Transfer
  • Reload

Pay merchants with ease

Flashed and paid! Shopping without taking out your VISA card is now possible thanks to APaym.

Click on Pay icon and scan merchant's QR code, your bill is paid, regardless of which bank issued the QR Code.

Simply and easily transfer money - P2P

No more traveling, you can send money from one Visa Prepaid Card to another wherever you are.

You can also transfer to mobile money accounts from your card and vice versa.

Loyalty card

In this day and age you get loyalty cards for everything and anything, carrying them all is simply not feasible. Most people pick a few most frequently used and end up needing the one left in their drawers.

What would you say if with a single click everything could be within your reach? With APaym, putting all your loyalty cards in one place has never been easier.

You can store digital copies of all your loyalty cards, benefit cards, membership cards, gift cards and special offers (such as coupons, promotions and discounts) for thousands of merchants simply by scanning them into the application


The e-Wallet is your APaym mobile wallet. Here, you can organize and manage all your bank cards (Visa cards, Visa cards attached to your bank account and virtual cards.)

You can also add mobile money accounts, loyalty cards, IDs and other documents you may need.

My Virtual Card

Would you like to have card without having to go to the branch?
Do you have multiple cards and are afraid to forget them when shopping or to lose them?

The virtual card is made for you. Fully electronic, it has all the functionalities of a physical card without the risk of theft or loss.

Easily pay your bills

Pay your utilities, internet, children's school and other bills from your phone. Simply click on the company logo you need to pay and follow the instructions.

My Beneficiaries

Transferring money to your loved ones becomes child's play. Fast and secure, you can top-up prepaid phones everywhere in the world or transfer money from your card free of charge.

Asking my relatives for money

Last minute expense? Feeling a bit short on cash? Need to split a bill? Send a message to your friends and family through APaym with an exclusive emoticon. Once they accept your account is automatically credited. Asking for money has never been this fun.

Giving back

From schools to hospitals, regardless of the charitable organisation you want to support, making your heart speak has never been so simple.

You can make a donation by clicking on the logo of the ngo or association and following the instructions.

Top-up prepaid phones

Need to call urgently and out of minutes? With Airtime, buy the refill you want, anywhere in the world.

Quickly and easily buy your event and show tickets

Enjoy Abidjan’s cultural life. Buy your tickets in a single click without leaving your living room.

Real-time currency exchange

Consult all exchange rates wherever you are


Consult BRVM prices in real time from your mobile phone


The companion feature is ideal for parents who want to keep an eye on their children's finances for example. Through this feature, you will be able to follow all transactions of an card other than your own that you have registered. You will of course need their approval first.

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